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Migrate your MS-Access application to the web
Migrate your MS-Access application to the web
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Use your MS-Access application on any device, anywhere

▪ Simple graphic user interface
▪ Ease of use
▪ cross-platform with HTML5
▪ Long time experience with databases
▪ Our software supports any new internet browser and of course tablet and mobile devices

We specialize in converting your Microsoft Access database to the Web

Turn your MS Access application to a Web App

What you will receive from us is a modern website/ web app with the same functionality as your current MS-Access database, the only difference !! it is online and can be used anywhere on any device with following operating system running Windows/Apple/Linux and Raspberry.

You can add, edit and delete data from anywhere in the world. the only thing you need is a internet connection.

Antrow software has converted over 620 MS-Access databases to the web from customer all over the world. With our long time experience and our own developed conversion tools (Anrow.net MS-Access webform usercontrols™) we ensure a fast and cost effective migration up to 70% faster and cheaper than our competitors.

What is your key benefits

  1. We convert all your existing data to a Microsoft SQL server/DB2/My-SQL server or Oracle server
  2. Your MS-Access Forms, Reports, Export will be converted one to one into a new modern web design
  3. Your new web application can be hosted in the Cloud or in your local network
  4. You can control the users access to the database with our standard user rights assignments module (Free of charge)
  5. No distribution of software or Office licenses needed anymore
  6. The converted website can run on any device (Windows/Android/Mac/Phone/IPhone/Tablet)
  7. You can access your data and reports anywhere and anytime
  8. The migrated website also supports touch screens

For more information please go to our FAQ section or see some of our converted MS-Access databases here

Here are some customer examples of MS-Access database we have migrated to a Web App.

MS-Access grid view as a Web App
Converted MS-Access database to a online gridview
Shopping, issue and sparpart management as a Web App
Converted MS-Access database to online enter daily numbers in the DNS sheet
Shipping and service intervention as a Web App
Converted MS-Access database to a online do Quality control and service intervention
Antrow.com´s MS-Access to Web App Conversion Tool: Speed Up Your Migration and Save Costs
Antrow.com´s MS-Access to Web App Conversion Tool: Speed Up Your Migration and Save Costs
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Migrating a Microsoft Access database to a web-based application can be a convoluted and protracted undertaking. However, with our cutting-edge MS-Access to Web App conversion tool, this process can be rendered facile and expeditious, thereby saving you invaluable time and resources.

Our conversion tool is meticulously crafted to transform your MS-Access database into a web-based application without compromising any functionality or data. This versatile tool can seamlessly handle databases of any magnitude, from diminutive to mammoth, and can be tailored to cater to your bespoke demands.

The principal advantage of utilizing the MS-Access to Web App conversion tool is its ability to accelerate the migration process. The tool can deftly convert your MS-Access database to a web-based application within a matter of hours, in stark contrast to the weeks or months that would typically be consumed during manual conversion.

Besides saving time, using our conversion tool can also result in substantial monetary savings. The tool automates many of the tasks entailed in the migration process, thereby mitigating the need for laborious manual labor. This translates into reduced expenditure on developers for manual database conversion, as well as diminished costs that may arise from manual conversion errors.

Another perk of using Antrow.com's MS-Access to Web App conversion tool is its ability to facilitate the creation of a more cutting-edge and user-friendly application. The web-based application engendered by the tool is specially designed to be responsive, rendering it accessible from any device, including mobile phones and tablets. Additionally, the application can be customized to cater to your specific needs, enabling you to fabricate an application that is tailor-made for your business.

Leveraging Antrow.com's MS-Access to Web App conversion tool also provides a smart means of future-proofing your database. By migrating your database to a web-based application, you can ensure its compatibility with forthcoming web applications.

To conclude, Antrow.com's MS-Access to Web App conversion tool is a swifter and more cost-effective approach to migrate your MS-Access database to a web-based application. The tool can deftly and accurately convert your database while creating a contemporary, user-friendly application that can be customized to your unique requirements. Additionally, the tool's usage can aid you in future-proofing your database, ensuring its compatibility with future software applications.

Web App development of online databases applications
Web App development of online databases applications
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Our web app development service that is built to bring you online!

We acknowledge that data management and processing online are essential components of modern businesses and organizations. Hence, our specialty is creating web apps that seamlessly integrate with your online database to provide real-time access to vital information from anywhere with an internet connection.

Our team of skilled developers is experienced in creating custom web apps that fulfill your specific requirements, whether it's tracking sales leads, managing inventory, or analyzing customer behavior. We prioritize user experience, security, and scalability in our development process to ensure that your web app performs optimally and grows with your business.

Let us help you streamline your data management and elevate your business to the next level with our professional web app development services.

Database Solutions and Custom Software Development: Streamlining Your Business
Database Solutions and Custom Software Development: Streamlining Your Business
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As a preeminent team of technology experts, we have amassed a vast repository of knowledge and proficiency in developing top-tier web applications and online database solutions. Our design and implementation processes are tailored to deliver solutions that are exceptionally efficient, steadfastly secure, and intuitively user-friendly.

Whether you require a rudimentary application for managing customer information or a sophisticated one for monitoring inventory and sales, our team of seasoned professionals has the requisite expertise to provide the necessary support.

Our modus operandi is grounded in an unwavering commitment to innovation, an insatiable curiosity for the latest technological advancements, and an indomitable spirit for solving complex problems.

We recognize the essentiality of cultivating an effective communication channel with our clients to glean a deeper understanding of their unique requirements. Our tried and tested collaborative approach guarantees that our clients' business processes align with the solutions we deliver, surpassing even the most ardent expectations.

We take pride in developing solutions that are as captivating and engaging as they are seamless and intuitive, ensuring an unparalleled user experience.

In conclusion, we are the ideal partners for businesses seeking to streamline their operations and revolutionize their online presence. Our team's unassailable expertise in web app and online database solutions is guaranteed to propel your business to unprecedented heights, delivering bespoke solutions that are unparalleled in quality, efficacy, and user-friendliness.

Our high-quality web design service
Our high-quality web design service
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Our high-quality web design service

Are you tired of your MS-Access application's outdated and lackluster web interface? Are you ready to give your online presence a professional facelift? Look no further than Antrow Web Design Service! Our top-notch web design service is the perfect complement to our MS-Access to Web App Migration service, providing you with a sleek, modern website that is tailored to your unique business needs.

Our team of experienced web designers uses cutting-edge tools and technologies to create stunning, responsive websites that will grab visitors' attention and keep them engaged. We understand that every business has different goals, audiences, and branding needs, so we take a fully customized approach to every project. Whether you need a simple landing page or a full-fledged e-commerce platform, we've got you covered.

By combining our web design service with our MS-Access to Web App Migration service, you'll get a seamless online experience that will impress your customers and streamline your business operations. Our designers will work closely with you to understand your business goals and create a website that reflects your unique brand identity. Plus, our websites are optimized for both performance and usability, ensuring that your visitors have a great experience no matter what device they're using.

But our service doesn't stop once your website is launched. We offer comprehensive support and maintenance services to ensure that your website stays up-to-date and secure. And our competitive rates mean that you don't have to break the bank to get a high-quality website that will take your business to the next level.

In conclusion, if you're looking for a reliable and effective way to upgrade your online presence, look no further than Antrow Web Design Service. Our customized approach, cutting-edge tools and technologies, and comprehensive support and maintenance make us the perfect choice for businesses of all sizes. Contact us today to learn more!

Web APIs to ensure easy data exchange between the applications
Web APIs to ensure easy data exchange between the applications
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Our ability to integrate other applications into our software solutions helps you to streamline your business operations and enhance efficiency by allowing easy data exchange between various applications in real-time. We do the integration using Web APIs provided by the different programs some of them are: Omnitracker, Hiltes POS, Office 365, Navision, OTRS, and ServiceNow.

Some examples:

Omnitracker Web API :  Here we can exchange data such as such as customer information, service requests, tickets, Cis and incident reports. 

Hiltes Web API POS:  Here we can exchange data such as sales data, inventory information, and customer data. With this integration, businesses can make informed decisions regarding inventory and sales management.

Office 365 Web API:  Here we can exchange data and use of emails, contacts, and calendar functions.

Navision integration Web API:  Here we can exchange data such as inventory information, Invoice, billing, sales data, and customer information. 

OTRS integration Web API:  Here we can exchange data such as customer information, service requests, and incident reports. This integration provides businesses with a platform for prompt response to customer needs.

ServiceNow Web API:  Here we can exchange data such as customer information, service requests, and incident reports. With this integration, businesses can improve their response time to customer needs.

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Customer information inexpensive and easy 

Antrow software has developed a content management system for the operation and content control for up to 1,000 Digital Signage client displays. Our software simplify and ensure a cost-effectively operation of your digital signage environment. With COMFORT display you can send content (images, texts, films) wireless to any type of  device with the IOS (Apple™), Windows™, SMART™ TV or Andriod™ operating system installed. 

In our CMS editor you create content playlist for each device who can be scheduled as needed.

Our solution is fully scalable - from 1 display to up 1000 monitors in several branches. 

Our COMFORT KUNDENDISPLAY® can bought as a cloud solution or installed locally. 
Some of the posible slide type you can show at your devices.

Mobile app development

Antrow Software Mobile App Development Services - Customized Mobile Solutions for Your Business
Antrow Software Mobile App Development Services - Customized Mobile Solutions for Your Business
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Antrow Software offers professional mobile app development services that provide businesses with an opportunity to create custom mobile solutions that perfectly cater to their unique needs and requirements.

Our team of experienced developers works hand in hand with clients to unravel their business objectives and create mobile apps that align with their goals.

Our mobile app development services are designed to offer a competitive edge to businesses by providing user-friendly, feature-rich mobile solutions that improve customer engagement and streamline business processes.

We develop mobile apps for both iOS and Android platforms, ensuring that our apps are compatible with a broad range of devices and accessible to as many users as possible.

Our mobile app development process includes a thorough requirement analysis where our team works with clients to understand their business objectives, target audience, and requirements for the mobile app.

We create customized designs and develop the app using industry-leading tools and technologies. Then we conduct rigorous testing to ensure that the app meets the highest quality standards and deploy the app to the client's desired platform. We also offer ongoing support and maintenance services to ensure that the app remains up-to-date and secure. Our mobile app development services offer a wide range of features, including real-time notifications and messaging, secure data storage and transfer, user-friendly interfaces and navigation, social media integration, e-commerce capabilities, GPS and location-based services, and analytics and reporting features. At Antrow Software, we are committed to providing our clients with high-quality mobile app development services that help them achieve their business objectives.

Contact us today to learn more about our mobile app development services and how we can help your business thrive in the mobile space.

Windows Applications

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▪ Importing customer addresses
▪ Simultaneous printing of customer cards and letterhead
▪ Ease of use
▪ Several printing templates included

Easy printing of Store cards and letters.

Antrow software has in collaboration with Keil-IT a software a program developed that allows you to print store cards, discount cards and mailing letters to your customers in an easy and time-saving way. Our software imports the customer data directly from your application, then the user can select the customers individual or all  then print, the information letters, cards, address stickers all in one go. The software also has a simple function to individual reprint store cards, discount card in case that a customer loses or damage his card. Our software comes with Word templates so you can start immediately.

 With the build-in interface for Hiltes® POS systems you can directly import Hiltes® customer data in your application. The software is optimized for ZEBRA ™ printers, other brands can be supported on request.

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File processing and barcode recognition

▪ You can easily create configurations for Invoices, Orders or any other document
▪ We are processing documents using barcodes. This method is very accurate and fault tolerant
▪ Save your documents on centralized storage or inform your DMS to import a processed file
▪ You can protect your documents against modification using a digital signature provided by a certificate
▪ Protect your documents using a strong encryption before uploading it to the cloud or save it to an untrusted storage.
▪ Processing of documents can be centralized in the background without any user interaction.

BarcodeOCR is a tool for automatic file processing and barcode recognition.

With this software, scanned documents can be monitored for a barcode and then renamed as ap-propriate, separated for further processing and saved in another application.

BarcodeOCR offers an extensive list of recognisable barcodes and supported document formats.

BarcodeOCR monitors folders on the local PC or in the network. If new files go into these input folders they are automatically processed.
How documents are to be processed is defined once only in one or more configurations. Processing includes differentiating them by barcode type and content, input folder and output folder, separat-ing document stacks and naming output files.

Once the configuration has been created, the soft-ware runs automatically in the background as a Windows service, without any further intervention.

POS Systems

Monitoring the POS environment
Monitoring the POS environment
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Your Hiltes® ERP and POS environment

▪ Monitoring of all POS vital functions
▪ Discovered errors before they become problems
▪ Simple graphic user interface
▪ Prevents POS error to be transferred to the ERP
▪ Ensures that the CASH REGISTERS are always ready to use

With our monitoring solution you never lose track of your POS status.

Always stay informed about the status of mission-critical services. Such as Network problems, forgotten cash accounts, POS system overheating, stopped SQL services and much more can be detected early before trouble occurs.

With your individual monitoring solution we provide you with the basis for optimization, quality improvements and significant time and cost savings. We offer a reliable and comprehensive control over your environment and your Hiltes® network.

We offer a sophisticated, tailored to your personal needs, server, process and client monitoring system - either as a service or as a ready-configured system at your location. You have access you to monitor systems in the house of your PC, using a surveillance monitor or on the go with your iPhone, iPad and Android.