Demo of a migrated MS-Access database to a Web App

This online demonstration of the conversion of the MS-Access database "northwind.mdb" to a full functional web-based application shows what result can be Achieved. Traditionally, the application of MS-Access databases had been restricted to desktop-based software, thereby limiting the capacity to share and collaborate with other users outside the office premises. The emergence of web applications, has revolutionized the capacity to create web-based and use databases which can be accessed worldwide via any device with an internet connection.

The "northwind.mdb" online demonstration highlights the considerable prospects of this technology, by providing users with a seamless and user-friendly interface to explore and manipulate the data held within the database. This web application permits users to traverse through the various tables and forms, seek specific records, add new information, and alter existing entries.

The flexibility and accessibility of this web application is a key benefit, as it enables users to gain access to the database from any device with an internet connection, thus facilitating the sharing of data and collaborations. Additionally, this web application facilitates real-time access to the database, guaranteeing users the most current data and information available.
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