Demo of a migrated MS-Access database with Weather data integration

We offer a powerful solution for converting MS Access applications to web apps, and we now have integrated weather data into our offering. With real-time and historical weather data at your fingertips, you can gain valuable insights into how weather patterns may be impacting your business and make data-driven decisions as a result.
Through this integration, our customers can seamlessly access and view weather data within our converted MS Access web applications. This allows you to examine historical data to identify trends and patterns, as well as monitor real-time conditions to make informed decisions based on current weather situations.
Our weather data integration is designed to help businesses of all sizes and industries make smarter decisions by leveraging the power of data. Whether you are running a small business or a large enterprise, having access to real-time and historical weather data can be invaluable in helping you make more informed decisions and stay ahead of the competition.