Migrate MS-Access to the cloud / Web App

Convert MS-Access to the cloud / online Web App

Greetings, We are happy to welcome you to our Website about our cutting-edge MS-Access to Clolud /Web App Conversion a and migration service.

If you are seeking to elevate your business and revolutionize your workflow, then look no further. Our team of proficient developers have long time experience in transforming antiquated MS-Access databases into state-of-the-art, cloud-based web applications that exude a high degree of security, scalability, and user-friendliness. Our MS-Access to Web App Conversion service breaks you free from the constraints of desktop software and embraced the unprecedented advantages of cloud computing. You migrated MS-Access database to web-based Web App will be accessible from anywhere, at any time, and on any device, providing unparalleled efficiency and effectiveness in your operations. We understand that each business is distinctive, which is why we espouse a bespoke approach to every project we undertake. Our team works in close collaboration with you to gain a comprehensive understanding of your unique needs and requirements, enabling us to tailor our solutions to meet the bespoke demands of your business.

Therefore, whether you're considering modernizing an existing MS-Access database or embarking on a novel web application project, we have the dexterity and experience to deliver the exacting results you require. Waste no time; contact us today to learn more about our MS-Access to Web App Conversion service and how we can propel your business to the next level.

For more information visit our demo site, examples of migrated MS-Access databases, FAQ section, products section of our website.

Antrow Software MS-Access to Web APP Services
Problems using MS-Access

Problems using MS-Access

  • The MS-Access database cannot be used outside the local network
  • The MS-Access database can only be used on a Windows system
  • There is no support for handheld, tablet, Apple or Linux Devices
  • Performance problems on large databases
  • Difficult user and permission management
  • No access to the application for road warriors, home office or customers
Key benefit from a migration

Key benefit from a migration

  • We convert you MS-Access application to a browser based web application that can be accessed from anywhere on any device
  • We also convert all your existing data to a Microsoft SQL server
  • Your Forms, Reports, Export will be converted one to one in a new modern design
  • Your new web application can be hosted in the Cloud or in your local environment
  • Multi language Web Sites. All pages, labels, date and numbers will be automatic localized into their local language
  • Licence free, cost saving, you don´t need an MS-Office Licence for your users anymore
We use the latest technology

We use the latest technology

  • Your application will be Mobile first, you can use it on any device such as PC
  • New application is developed with the latest .Net environment from Microsoft
  • Source code and Source code ownership is included in the project delivery
  • Free choice of the backend database (MS-SQL/MySQL/Oracle/Azure SQL)
  • Your application can be hosted on any platform such as your Local IIS, Amazon AWS, Azure or Google Cloud Webservice
  • All your reports and data will be available as PDF or Excel downloads
MS-Access to Web App

MS-Access to Web App

Antrow software helps you to convert/migrate your MS-Access database into an interactive web site / Web App.

Converting MS-Access to Web

Converting MS-Access to Web

Benefits of converting Microsoft Access database to a Web Application / Web App



All our applications are developed on Microsoft latest technologies and can be scaled upwards without any extra coding.

MS-Access database conversion tool

MS-Access database conversion tool

We have our own develop MS-Access .Net Visual Studio Framework

User friendly

User friendly

All our applications are designed to be user friendly and time saving, not need to use Microsoft Powerapps.

Multi Language

Multi Language

Our software supports ANY language, with the build-in language control center you translate to any local language.

We get a lot of questions about MS-Access to Web Migration, we have a large selection of FAQs in our FAQ section on this site, below you can find the most asked questions and answers.

What is Access database web app

An Access database web app is a web-based application that allows users to store, manage, and share data online. It is created using Microsoft Access and can include features such as customizable templates, data validation, and automated workflows.

What is MS Access web form

MS Access Web Form is a feature that enables users to create and customize forms for their web databases in MS Access, making it easier to input, manipulate, and view data over the internet.

What is Access 2016 web app

Access 2016 web app is a browser-based version of Access that allows you to design and publish database applications to the web.

What is Microsoft Access web form

A Microsoft Access Web Form is a tool used to create web-based forms that allow users to input data into a Microsoft Access database via a web browser.

What is MS Access web app without sharepoint

MS Access web app without SharePoint refers to the web application created using Microsoft Access and does not require a SharePoint site to host it. It allows users to create and manage data-driven web applications accessible through a web browser.

What is Microsoft Access to web application

Converting Microsoft Access to a web application refers to the process of adapting a desktop-based Access database to a web-based platform that can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection. This can involve a variety of steps, including redesigning the user interface, creating web-friendly data structures, and developing new workflows and security measures to meet the needs of web-based users.

What is Access ms access database from web

Accessing an MS Access database from the web involves publishing the database to the web using Access Services or a third-party tool. This allows users to interact with the database via a web browser.

What is Convert microsoft access to web application

Converting Microsoft Access to a web application involves migrating the Access database to a web-based platform for online access and management

What is Access web app sharepoint

Access Web App for SharePoint is a platform that allows users to create and deploy custom web applications that can be accessed from SharePoint sites. It integrates with SharePoint and uses Access Services to provide a web-based database solution.

What is Convert ms access database to web application

Converting a Microsoft Access database to a web application involves transforming the desktop database into a web-based application accessible through a browser.

For the complete list of FAQs click this link FAQ or go to our Blog

Latest News

Latest News: Over 20 MS-Access Databases Migrated to Web Apps

Latest News: Over 20 MS-Access Databases Migrated to Web Apps Sunday, March 17, 2024

Latest News: Over 20 MS-Access Databases Migrated to Web Apps

Antrow Software is thrilled to announce a significant milestone: we've successfully migrated over 20 MS-Access databases and applications to web apps and websites!

This year, our team has been hard at work helping businesses transform their operations by modernizing their database systems. By migrating MS-Access databases to web apps and websites, we've empowered our customers' workforces with enhanced mobility, allowing them to access critical information anytime, anywhere.

Our dedication to providing innovative solutions for database transformation and web app development has resulted in numerous success stories. We're proud to play a role in driving digital transformation for businesses across various industries.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates and success stories from Antrow Software!

For inquiries or to learn more about our MS-Access migration services and web app development, visit Antrow Software.

Customer stories

Johns Gear Repair Shop

Johns Gear Repair Shop Monday, February 27, 2023
Author: Antrow Software

John is the owner of a small manufacturing company that has been using Microsoft Access as their primary database management system for many years. However, the system has become outdated, difficult to manage, and lacks the necessary features to keep up with the company's growth. John knows that he needs to modernize the system to improve efficiency, productivity, and profitability.

After conducting extensive research, John comes across Antrow.com and discovers that they specialize in converting Microsoft Access databases into modern, cloud-based web applications. John decides to contact Antrow.com to learn more about their services.

Upon contacting Antrow.com, John is assigned a dedicated project manager who works closely with him to understand the company's specific needs and requirements. The project manager evaluates the existing Microsoft Access database, proposes a customized solution, and provides a detailed project plan and timeline.

Antrow.com's team of experienced developers then starts working on the project, converting the Microsoft Access database into a modern, cloud-based web application. The new application is secure, scalable, and user-friendly, with robust features and functionalities to meet the company's specific needs.

After the project is completed, Antrow.com provides John with comprehensive training on how to use the new system and ongoing support and maintenance to ensure that the system continues to meet the company's needs.

Thanks to Antrow.com's MS-Access to Web App Conversion service, John's manufacturing company now has a modern, efficient, and productive database management system that enables them to keep up with their growth and achieve greater success.

Johns Gear Repair Shop

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Advantages of a web application

Advantages of a web application Tuesday, February 21, 2023
Author: Antrow Software

Web applications have several advantages over traditional desktop applications, including:

  • Accessibility: Web applications can be accessed from anywhere in the world as long as there is an internet connection, making them more accessible than desktop applications.
  • Platform independence: Web applications can run on any device with a web browser, regardless of the operating system, making them more platform-independent than desktop applications.
  • Easy maintenance and updates: Web applications can be updated and maintained centrally, without the need for users to download and install updates on their devices.
  • Scalability: Web applications can be easily scaled to accommodate a growing number of users, making them more scalable than desktop applications.
  • Cost-effective: Web applications require less hardware and software resources than desktop applications, making them more cost-effective to develop and deploy.
  • Collaboration: Web applications are ideal for collaboration among users, allowing multiple users to work together on the same project in real-time.
  • Analytics and data tracking: Web applications provide developers with the ability to track user behavior and gather data, which can be used to improve the application and provide better user experiences.

Overall, web applications offer a number of advantages over traditional desktop applications, particularly in terms of accessibility, platform independence, and cost-effectiveness.