Antrow.Net MS-Access datagrid with direct databinding to MS-Access®,MS-SQL®, Oracle®, IBM DB2® or MS-SQL®

Company Last Name First Name Job Title Business Phone City
Company A Bedecs Anna Owner (123)555-0100 Seattle
Company B Gratacos Solsona Antonio Owner (123)555-0100 Boston
Company C Axen Thomas Purchasing Representative (123)555-0100 Los Angelas
Company D Lee Christina Purchasing Manager (123)555-0100 New York
Company E O’Donnell Martin Owner (123)555-0100 Minneapolis
Company F Pérez-Olaeta Francisco Purchasing Manager (123)555-0100 Milwaukee
Company G Xie Ming-Yang Owner (123)555-0100 Boise
Company H Andersen Elizabeth Purchasing Representative (123)555-0100 Portland
Company I Mortensen Sven Purchasing Manager (123)555-0100 Salt Lake City
Company J Wacker Roland Purchasing Manager (123)555-0100 Chicago
Company K Krschne Peter Purchasing Manager (123)555-0100 Miami
Company L Edwards John Purchasing Manager (123)555-0100 Las Vegas
Company M Ludick Andre Purchasing Representative (123)555-0100 Memphis
Company N Grilo Carlos Purchasing Representative (123)555-0100 Denver
Company O Kupkova Helena Purchasing Manager (123)555-0100 Honolulu
Company P Goldschmidt Daniel Purchasing Representative (123)555-0100 San Francisco
Company Q Bagel Jean Philippe Owner (123)555-0100 Seattle
Company R Autier Miconi Catherine Purchasing Representative (123)555-0100 Boston
Company S Eggerer Alexander Accounting Assistant (123)555-0100 Los Angelas
Company T Li George Purchasing Manager (123)555-0100 New York
Company U Tham Bernard Accounting Manager (123)555-0100 Minneapolis
Company V Ramos Luciana Purchasing Assistant (123)555-0100 Milwaukee
Company W Entin Michael Purchasing Manager (123)555-0100 Portland
Company X Hasselberg Jonas Owner (123)555-0100 Salt Lake City
Company Y Rodman John Purchasing Manager (123)555-0100 Chicago
Company Z Liu Run Accounting Assistant (123)555-0100 Miami
Company AA Toh Karen Purchasing Manager (123)555-0100 Las Vegas
Company BB Raghav Amritansh Purchasing Manager (123)555-0100 Memphis
Company CC Lee Soo Jung Purchasing Manager (123)555-0100 Denver