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Turn your MS Access application to a Web App

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Has your company been thinking about moving from MS Access to a Web Application? The reasons for migrating to the web are many and varied with need for 24/7 data access from anywhere on any device having such a focus in the companies, it is no wonder that there is a great demand moving MS Access databases online so the application can be accessible to employees and customer from anywhere.

Antrow has over 15 years´ experience in migrating MS-Access database to full functional online web app Application. We are proud to have helped over 500 customers to bring their MS-Access databases to the web.

With our own developed .Net MS-Access framework we ensure a cost effective 1 to 1 migration so all you forms, data and reports are available for you in your Web browser with the same functionality as on your local PC.

Your converted application can be run on any ISP such as Azure, Amazon AWS or google web service or in your own Cloud.

Our web applications developed by the us are encrypted and secured. These programs support various languages, thanks to its built-in language control centre that you as a customer can maintain and update your self.

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+++ Update +++

With our new conversion engine, we can now "speed" migrate you MS Access application and have it online within 5 working days, so your employees use your application from their Home Office. 
#WorkFromHome #coronavirus

Antrow has developed a Web App to help Fineness studios and sports club restart their business. The app helps to implement the Government Hygiene concepts and prevent spreading #COVID / #Corona Virus and reduce administrative overhead. You can online control registrations, questionnaires, training teams and help you and your customers to stay safe.

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What we offer

Problems with MS-Access

The MS-Access database cannot be used outside the local network
The MS-Access database can only be used on a Windows systems
There is no support for handheld, tablet, Apple or Linux Devices
Performance problems on large databases
Difficult user and permission management
No access to the application for road warriors, home office or customers

Key benefit from a migration

We convert you MS-Access application to a browser based web application that can be accessed from anywhere on any device
We also convert all your existing data to a Microsoft SQL server
Your Forms, Reports, Export will be converted one to one in a new modern design
Your new web application can be hosted in the Cloud or in your local environment
Multi language Web Sites. All pages, labels, date and numbers will be automatic localized into their local language
Licence free, cost saving, you don´t need an MS-Office Licence for your users anymore

We use the latest technology

Your applicaiton will be Mobile first, you can use it on any device such as PC/Tablet/Mobile/Apple or Linux
New application is developed with the latest .Net environment from Microsoft
Source code and Source code ownership is included in the project delivery
Free choice of the backend database (MS-SQL/MySQL/Oracle/Azure SQL)
Your application can be hosted on any platform such as your Local IIS, Amazon AWS, Azure or Google Cloud Webservice
All your reports and data will be available as PDF or Excel downloads