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Greetings, We are happy to welcome you to our Website about our cutting-edge MS-Access to Web App Conversion /migration service.

If you are seeking to elevate your business and revolutionize your workflow, then look no further. Our team of proficient developers have long time experience in transforming antiquated MS-Access databases into state-of-the-art, cloud-based web applications that exude a high degree of security, scalability, and user-friendliness. Our MS-Access to Web App Conversion service breaks you free from the constraints of desktop software and embraced the unprecedented advantages of cloud computing. You migrated MS-Access database to web-based Web App will be accessible from anywhere, at any time, and on any device, providing unparalleled efficiency and effectiveness in your operations. We understand that each business is distinctive, which is why we espouse a bespoke approach to every project we undertake. Our team works in close collaboration with you to gain a comprehensive understanding of your unique needs and requirements, enabling us to tailor our solutions to meet the bespoke demands of your business.

Therefore, whether you're considering modernizing an existing MS-Access database or embarking on a novel web application project, we have the dexterity and experience to deliver the exacting results you require. Waste no time; contact us today to learn more about our MS-Access to Web App Conversion service and how we can propel your business to the next level.

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Antrow Software MS-Access to Web APP Services
Problems using MS-Access

Problems using MS-Access

  • The MS-Access database cannot be used outside the local network
  • The MS-Access database can only be used on a Windows system
  • There is no support for handheld, tablet, Apple or Linux Devices
  • Performance problems on large databases
  • Difficult user and permission management
  • No access to the application for road warriors, home office or customers
Key benefit from a migration

Key benefit from a migration

  • We convert you MS-Access application to a browser based web application that can be accessed from anywhere on any device
  • We also convert all your existing data to a Microsoft SQL server
  • Your Forms, Reports, Export will be converted one to one in a new modern design
  • Your new web application can be hosted in the Cloud or in your local environment
  • Multi language Web Sites. All pages, labels, date and numbers will be automatic localized into their local language
  • Licence free, cost saving, you don´t need an MS-Office Licence for your users anymore
We use the latest technology

We use the latest technology

  • Your application will be Mobile first, you can use it on any device such as PC
  • New application is developed with the latest .Net environment from Microsoft
  • Source code and Source code ownership is included in the project delivery
  • Free choice of the backend database (MS-SQL/MySQL/Oracle/Azure SQL)
  • Your application can be hosted on any platform such as your Local IIS, Amazon AWS, Azure or Google Cloud Webservice
  • All your reports and data will be available as PDF or Excel downloads
MS-Access to Web App

MS-Access to Web App

Antrow software helps you to convert/migrate your MS-Access database into an interactive web site / Web App.

Converting MS-Access to Web

Converting MS-Access to Web

Benefits of converting Microsoft Access database to a Web Application / Web App



All our applications are developed on Microsoft latest technologies and can be scaled upwards without any extra coding.

MS-Access database conversion tool

MS-Access database conversion tool

We have our own develop MS-Access .Net Visual Studio Framework

User friendly

User friendly

All our applications are designed to be user friendly and time saving, not need to use Microsoft Powerapps.

Multi Language

Multi Language

Our software supports ANY language, with the build-in language control center you translate to any local language.

We get a lot of questions about MS-Access to Web Migration, we have a large selection of FAQs in our FAQ section on this site, below you can find the most asked questions and answers.

What is Access database web app

An Access database web app is a web-based application that allows users to store, manage, and share data online. It is created using Microsoft Access and can include features such as customizable templates, data validation, and automated workflows.

What is MS Access web form

MS Access Web Form is a feature that enables users to create and customize forms for their web databases in MS Access, making it easier to input, manipulate, and view data over the internet.

What is Access 2016 web app

Access 2016 web app is a browser-based version of Access that allows you to design and publish database applications to the web.

What is Microsoft Access web form

A Microsoft Access Web Form is a tool used to create web-based forms that allow users to input data into a Microsoft Access database via a web browser.

What is MS Access web app without sharepoint

MS Access web app without SharePoint refers to the web application created using Microsoft Access and does not require a SharePoint site to host it. It allows users to create and manage data-driven web applications accessible through a web browser.

What is Microsoft Access to web application

Converting Microsoft Access to a web application refers to the process of adapting a desktop-based Access database to a web-based platform that can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection. This can involve a variety of steps, including redesigning the user interface, creating web-friendly data structures, and developing new workflows and security measures to meet the needs of web-based users.

What is Access ms access database from web

Accessing an MS Access database from the web involves publishing the database to the web using Access Services or a third-party tool. This allows users to interact with the database via a web browser.

What is Convert microsoft access to web application

Converting Microsoft Access to a web application involves migrating the Access database to a web-based platform for online access and management

What is Access web app sharepoint

Access Web App for SharePoint is a platform that allows users to create and deploy custom web applications that can be accessed from SharePoint sites. It integrates with SharePoint and uses Access Services to provide a web-based database solution.

What is Convert ms access database to web application

Converting a Microsoft Access database to a web application involves transforming the desktop database into a web-based application accessible through a browser.

For the complete list of FAQs click this link FAQ

Latest News

The Advantages of Web App Applications in MS-Access to Web App Migration

The Advantages of Web App Applications in MS-Access to Web App Migration Thursday, July 27, 2023

Dear esteemed readers!

In the ever-changing realm of data management, the pursuit of economical resolutions is imperative for enterprises to flourish. For our esteemed users who are utilizing MS-Access desktop applications, we are pleased to announce the thrilling cost advantages that lie ahead with the transition to web app applications. In this epistle, we embark upon a sojourn to investigate the merits of web app applications vis-à-vis conventional desktop applications, particularly in the realm of cost-effectiveness, as we traverse the path from MS-Access to the migration of web apps.

Web app applications, with their enhanced performance and scalability, possess a pivotal advantage over their traditional desktop counterparts. Whilst desktop applications may become sluggish and constrained when dealing with voluminous datasets or numerous users concurrently, web app applications harness the capabilities of web technologies and cloud computing. This enables them to effectively manipulate extensive quantities of data and adapt to an expanding user base without compromising efficiency. Bid farewell to languid encounters and embrace the harmonious administration of data.

Accessibility and collaboration are indeed notable advantages of web app applications. In contrast to desktop applications bound to particular machines, web applications bestow upon users an unrivaled level of accessibility. Take pleasure in the liberty of effortlessly accessing your data and applications from any device that is connected to the vast network of interconnected computers known as the internet. The potentiality of accessibility extends to cultivating a harmonious collaboration, facilitating teams to operate in unison despite geographical demarcations. Real-time communication and project management are effortlessly facilitated, propelling productivity and kindling innovation.

In the realm of security and data integrity, web app applications do indeed exhibit brilliance. In this era of digital sophistication, the utmost importance lies in the preservation of data. Be assured, web app applications provide sturdy security measures that safeguard sensitive data from unauthorized access and potential breaches. With the aid of impregnable cloud-based infrastructures, impervious communication encryptions, and sophisticated authentication protocols, web applications bolster the sanctity of data integrity and privacy, thereby imbuing individuals with a sense of unwavering assurance and tranquility.

When assessing data management solutions, it is imperative to give due regard to the cost-effectiveness and maintenance aspects. Web app applications frequently demonstrate superior cost-effectiveness over their traditional desktop counterparts in the long term. Through the eradication of the necessity for exorbitant infrastructure and software installations on individual machines, businesses have the potential to conserve valuable resources. Furthermore, the process of updates and maintenance is efficiently streamlined, as updates are commonly deployed in a centralized manner on the server. This approach minimizes periods of system unavailability and guarantees that users consistently possess the most up-to-date functionalities and enhancements.

Another notable advantage of web app applications lies in their cross-platform compatibility. Irrespective of the operating system or device at hand, users possess the ability to access web applications through their favored web browsers. The quality of universality engenders a harmonious user experience and enables enterprises to extend their reach to broader audiences without necessitating platform-specific endeavors.

Scalability and future-proofing hold utmost significance for enterprises grappling with burgeoning data management requirements. Web app applications possess remarkable scalability, effortlessly accommodating augmented data volumes and user demands. Whether an organization encounters expeditious expansion or seasonal oscillations, web applications are constructed to adeptly manage the workload, guaranteeing seamless operations and fortifying data management solutions for the future.

In finality, the transmigration from customary MS-Access desktop applications to web app applications epitomizes a metamorphic leap for enterprises and establishments. The virtues of augmented efficiency, expansiveness, availability, safeguarding, and economical efficacy empower enterprises to streamline their proceedings, facilitate cooperation, and propel productivity. Let us embrace the technology of web applications, and in unison, let us unlock novel frontiers in the realm of data management, embarking upon a trajectory of innovation and expansion.

I express my gratitude for your participation in our expedition, and I eagerly anticipate our collaborative endeavors in forging uncharted territories!

Yours faithfully,

the Antrow Software Team.

The Advantages of Web App Applications in MS-Access to Web App Migration

Customer stories

Kintsigu Ltd.

Kintsigu Ltd. Tuesday, March 28, 2023
Author: Antrow Software

The company called Kintsigu Ltd. that had been struggling to manage its data effectively. The company had tried several off-the-shelf database solutions, but none of them seemed to fit their needs, leading to a lot of time and resources being wasted.

The company's management team stumbled upon Antrow Software, a company that specialized in developing custom web-based database applications. The management team was impressed by Antrow Software's track record of success and decided to give them a chance to improve their efficiency and reduce their costs.

The team at Antrow Software immediately got to work, conducting a thorough analysis of Kintsigu Ltd.'s data management needs. They consulted with the company's stakeholders to understand their workflow, data input requirements, and reporting needs. Based on this information, they developed a web-based database application that was tailored specifically to Kintsigu Ltd.'s needs.

The new system allowed the company to streamline its data entry process, reducing errors and saving valuable time. The reporting features provided real-time insights into the company's operations, enabling the management team to make data-driven decisions that improved the bottom line.

The new system also reduced the need for manual data entry, leading to a significant reduction in labor costs. The automated reporting features eliminated the need for expensive data analysis tools, further reducing the company's costs.

Overall, the team at Antrow Software had successfully helped Kintsigu Ltd. improve its efficiency and reduce its costs. Thanks to their expertise and commitment to delivering custom solutions, the company was now able to manage its data more effectively, improving its operations and driving growth.

Kintsigu Ltd.

Latest articles

Web-enabling MS-Access for remote access: benefits and considerations

Web-enabling MS-Access for remote access: benefits and considerations Tuesday, May 9, 2023
Author: Antrow Software

Businesses have relied on Microsoft Access, a robust relational database management solution, for a considerable amount of time. MS-Access's capacity to store and manage massive volumes of data in a structured and efficient manner is one of its primary benefits. However, for firms with remote or distributed staff, accessing MS-Access programs remotely might be an issue. This essay will go over the pros and downsides of making MS-Access accessible via the web.

To "web-enable" an MS-Access app, you must transform it into a web-based app that runs in a web browser. This eliminates the requirement for a virtual private network or remote desktop connection, making the program accessible from any location at all time. Web-enabling Microsoft Access improves accessibility, which is a major plus. Organizations can facilitate the productivity of remote and distributed teams by providing employees with web-based access to business applications.

Adding MS-Access to the web also improves security. The app's web-based interface means it can benefit from the same security protocols as other web-based apps. Methods like Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encoding, multi-factor authentication, and access restriction are examples of what this can include. Web-based apps have the added benefit of being hosted on dedicated servers equipped with the latest security technology.

Web-enabling MS-Access programs also need careful planning. Compatibility is a major factor to think about. Not many MS-Access programs can be made web-enabled, and those that can may need substantial adjustments to function correctly online. In addition, if the program is used by many people, it may be necessary to invest much in new hardware and networking infrastructure in order to make it accessible via the web.

When making MS-Access available on the web, speed is an important factor to think about. It's very uncommon for web apps to run slower than their desktop counterparts, especially if they're hosted on a server in another country. Network latency and bandwidth are two additional elements that might impact the efficiency of web-based applications.

In conclusion, there are a number of advantages to making MS-Access applications web-enabled. When deciding whether or not to web-enable MS-Access programs, firms need to take into account a number of factors, including compatibility, hardware requirements, and performance impacts. Businesses can make educated judgments on how to effectively provide remote access to their data management systems by assessing the benefits and considerations of web-enabling MS-Access.